​INFO ON SEWANEE MEET-Saturday January 12

    INFO ON SEWANEE MEET-Saturday January 12

    (High School Only)

    Address: 735 University Ave, Sewanee, TN 37383

    Parking at the University of the South is tentatively FREE on weekends, but in the marked event Parking (University Ave.) and Parking lots.

    See link of parking map for spectator parking http://www.sewanee.edu/media/resources/map.pdf.

    Admission will cost $5 for spectators. Heatsheets are $5 and pizza $2/slice CASH ONLY Please no large bills, $20’s the biggest.

    Be there by 12:15 Central time zone which is 1:15 eastern time (Chattanooga time)

    Meet start time 2:00pm Central time

    Each team will be responsible for picking up any trash/debris from their respective areas. All teams should be instructed to treat this facility as though they are guests of The University of the South. All teams are responsible for the behavior and safety of their team.Remember, weather delays are possible. As long as the interstate roads are clear the meet will go on as scheduled. (Sewanee is an indoor facility but subject to suspending pool activities due to lighting).

    Swimmers will be in the gym instead of on Deck during the meet and will enter to swim their events through the locker rooms.

    They should also bring extra towels,blankets and something warm to wrap up in like throws because the gym is very cold.

    There are no assigned warm up times we will just get in the water when we can find Space.

    Be sure to bring water and healthy snacks! The timeline that we were given the meet SHOULd be over by 6pm central time.

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