McCallie Invitational information

    McCallie meet this Saturday November 23 The address is 500 Dodds Avenue. THIS IS A HIGH SCHOOL ONLY MEET. Students need to be in the building @ 6:30AM

    ON POOL DECK BY 6:50AM for warm ups Meet starts at 8:30am This is a prelim final meet. If you finish in the top 16 you will have to return Saturday at 5 for finals. Swimmers should bring games to pass the time, extra towels/blanket/sleeping bag to rest on after warm-ups and during the meet. Parents bring chairs for the "camp" area. There are bleachers for viewing the pool, but parents will probably only want to sit in the pool area during events they want to watch. Please bring healthy snacks and water... For snacks Coach Buchanan suggests fruit, vegetables, grain and high quality protein (like cheese sticks or slices, nuts, peanut or nut butters, deli meat slices, yogurt or yogurt drinks, boxes of low fat milk, hummus, hard-boiled eggs or edamame). 

    Heat sheets have not been sent... I'll email them if they post them, if not they should sell them there. Psyche sheet attached

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